Deep Hook Disgorger Ideal for saltwater & Predator species


  • T bar design shape
  • Approx 8 inches in length
  • Ideal for saltwater & Predator species
  • Safely, easily and quickly unhook fish

200 in stock

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The Leisurelite Deep Hook Disgorger is a T bar shaped tool that you can use to safely, quickly and easily unhook your catch. This disgorger is best used when fish are deeply hooked and is ideal for saltwater species.

Each disgorger is supplied with a small card containing instructions on how to use the tool. The best way to use the digorger is to lay your fish flat on a surface, holding the hook length in your left hand. Pull the disgorger onto your line through the small gap on the eye ring to position your line through the eye.

Slide the disgorger down your line to the hook, pull the line to left and the disgorger upwards and to the right. Then all you have to do is shake to remove the hook.


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